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Christmas Cookie Gift Box

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Christmas Cookie Gift Box

Christmas Cookie Box
Dec 24, 2019

When the kids were younger, cookie baking was our annual Christmas tradition. We had to make cookies for Santa, but we also acted as quality control. To make our baking and decoration day easy I would buy store bought sugar cookie dough and help the kids to roll it thin enough to cut the various shapes that they wanted using Christmas themed cookie cutters. We also used store bought buttercream frosting that I tinted various colors with food coloring and placed in piping bags. We usually decorated dozens and dozens of cookies and as they got older, they often invited friends over to enjoy the fun. We would send the friend home with a plate filled with their specially decorated cookies but we always saved a few special cookies for Santa.

Even though the kids have grown up, they carry on a few of the traditions we started in our home. This past year my daughter had a cookie decorating party for her friends. Unfortunately, I only received pics of her delicious looking cookies since she had so many friends to send home with plates of cookies

A couple of years ago, I discovered Royal Icing for decorating cookies. I’m still perfecting the mixing and use of it, but it makes really beautiful decorations. This past year, I decided to invite over a couple of family friends to my cookie decorating day because this was something new for them since they had never made cookies other than chocolate chip. I ordered cookie boxes from Amazon that were decorated for Christmas and they were perfect for our cookie creations. I hope that my new friends will share my family’s tradition with someone else in the future and that my own kids continue the tradition we started so many years ago.


In a small container add decorative paper. Fill muffin liners with several types of cookies. Share with family and friends.

Additional Photos:

Assorted Christmas Cookies
Assorted decorated sugar and gingerbread cookies
Christmas Cookie Box
Christmas Cookie Box
Christmas Cookie Box
Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies, Wedding Cookies, Cracker Candy, Gingerbread Cookies

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