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Find Your Pink Umbrella!

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Tractor Pink Umbrella

Find Your Pink Umbrella!

Tractor Pink Umbrella
Apr 04, 2020

Life has thrown us all for a loop. A virus has taken over our news sources, social media, and conversations. Across the world people are anxious and wonder what is next from day to day. At times tuning in seems like a chore because so much of what we hear isn’t good news.

At some point in our lives each of us has encountered something that seemed like an impossible mountain to climb or a barrier to our development or happiness.

Recently my dad was cutting the pasture at my grandmother’s house when a steady annoying rain started. He had spent the better part of the day working around her yard and the few acres of property that surrounds the home. Rather than giving up for the day and going home, he found an alternative…a bright pink umbrella that my stepmom keeps in his truck. He figured out a way to keep his daily plan going and “just kept mowing.”

The steady annoying rain finally ceased so that he could finish up his work for the day minus his borrowed umbrella, and the rain helped to keep down the dust that is often thrown everywhere during mowing. The unexpected shower actually helped out in a way and afforded my grandmother and I a great laugh as we stood under the canopy of the giant Sweet Gum Tree and watched him hold a tiny pink umbrella up as he completed his task.

It’s hard sometimes to just keep mowing and to view the speed bumps of life that often block our path as anything other than temporary annoyances that will pass, and to look for solutions rather than giving up. Try to keep a glass half full attitude in order to persevere and complete whatever you set your mind to so that you can move on to the next task. Which after a long day of yard work hopefully culminates with sitting on the carport in a lawn chair that has been placed directly beside the old box fan which is set to blow on high speed as you sip a giant cup of ice cold water.

Although you can’t control what life places in your path remain resilient and remember that the steady rains that fall some days will not last forever and that each moment in life is a way to be innovative and succeed in whatever you set your mind to even when times are difficult. Find your pink umbrella everyday!

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Yard work in rain
Don't let the rain slow you down

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