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Perfect Boiled Eggs

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Perfect Boiled Eggs

Perfect Boiled Egg
Apr 23, 2020




1 min.

2 mins.

8 plus

Long before the Food Network I was a fan of cooking shows. These shows were not on demand. They weren’t running every night or all day long. They were shown in the afternoons and on the weekends on our local public television stations. Take a look at your local public television, it’s a wonderful thing that I still enjoy!

My favorite television chef back in the day was Julia Child. She had a unique accent and way of turning her dishes, that always seemed to be made in utter chaos, into amazing plates of food. Since I was a latch key kid, I had responsibilities after school like, not wandering the neighborhood but going straight into the house, making a snack for my brother, and starting dinner. I kept my brother entertained with my Julia Child impersonations as I cooked. I still love watching old reruns of her shows, especially when she brought in guest chefs.

Today I’m teaching you how to make my version of her perfect boiled eggs. I learned it from watching her show many, many years ago so if you remember it a different way keep using your method. I didn’t write down the instructions the day that I learned how to make her perfect boiled egg, so it could be slightly different than the original, but it’s close enough and it works for me every time. I basically remember it as a perfectly boiled 13 minute egg. It is the way that I cook my eggs for this deviled eggs recipe.

Get busy boiling some eggs and in the words of Julia Child, “Bon appetit!”


  • 6 large eggs
  • water to cover


Place 6 uncooked eggs still in the shell into a medium sized soup pot that has a lid. Cover the pan with water and put it on the stove over high heat. Bring the water to a boil and set your timer for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes turn off the heat and cover the pan. Set a timer for 11 minutes. After 11 minutes run cold water over the eggs or put the eggs into an ice bath (I just use water). Once the eggs are cooled crack them and run a little water over the shells to make them easy to peel. I crack my eggs in the pan that they were cooked in by draining the cool water off and shaking them in the empty pan vigorously. Then I run a little more water over them to loosen the shells and make them easier to peel.

This recipe works for me every time. The eggs are hard boiled and have bright yellow yolks instead of yucky green/gray yolks.

These hard boiled eggs are great to use for deviled eggs, egg salads, or in giblet gravy for turkey.

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