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Scrambled Eggs (With or Without Cheese)

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Scrambled Eggs (With or Without Cheese)

Cheesy Scrambled Eggs
May 01, 2020




5 mins.

5 mins.


My title made me think of a U2 song. I had to share that with you since my brain had a moment, now on to the regularly scheduled reading.

Although this is a fairly simple recipe, many people don’t know how to cook and are learning the basics. I feel that you can’t get more basic than scrambled eggs, well maybe toasted bread. That’s definitely basic.

Either way, not everyone makes great scrambled eggs, and everyone has their own opinion as to the level of doneness and texture. I grew up eating my granny’s soft scrambled eggs (which my husband refers to as Army eggs because they remind him of the consistency of the powdered eggs he was served while in the Army). Now, I prefer scrambled eggs a little less soft. I guess you could describe them as medium well done.

I like to add sharp cheddar cheese to my scrambled eggs. It adds lots of flavor, but if you’re not a fan of cheese then leave it out. Also, I don’t season my eggs with salt and pepper as they cook because well, to each their own with seasoning. This is a dish that doesn’t have to be salted as it cooks like starchy items such as grits and potatoes. I don’t eat a lot of salt on my food, with the exception of scrambled eggs. I love them a little salty. So rather than subject my husband to “too much salt” we season these individually to our own specification once we are at the table.

The keys to great scrambled eggs are the following:

  1. Use a nonstick skillet and nonstick spatula
  2. Whip your cracked eggs thoroughly
  3. Use a little bacon grease or oil in your pan
  4. Cook these low and slow so they don’t dry out
  5. Add the cheese towards the end of cooking

I use a fork and beat my eggs for 60 to 80 turns of the bowl. I’m sure that my counting is not precise, but I try to count to ensure that they’re thoroughly whipped. This creates amazingly, fluffy scrambled eggs

Next, I don’t have my pan flaming hot so that the eggs have a chance to cook without drying out. A medium to medium low heat setting is what I think works best.

I keep my bacon grease in my refrigerator, so for extra flavor, I add about 1 tsp. of it to my pan before pouring in my beaten eggs. If you don’t have bacon grease cooking oil works fine. I don’t recommend olive oil for this since it has a strong flavor. I would sub canola or vegetable oil for the bacon grease.

Finally, in the last few minutes of cooking I sprinkle a thin layer of cheddar cheese over my eggs and fold the pan of eggs over each other to melt the cheese. I don’t add it too soon because it disintegrates into the eggs and I like to see cheesy pieces in the eggs so that everyone knows the goodness that is on the plate.

My recipe feeds the two of us since we’re empty nesters, but if you’re feeding a crowd then crack a few more eggs to whip, add a little more bacon grease to your larger nonstick skillet, and then sprinkle on way more sharp cheddar cheese than my recommendation for our two person serving.

I hope that if you’re new to cooking or even if you’re a veteran home cook that you will try these flavorful scrambled eggs. They’re great for breakfast as a side to homemade biscuits, as the filling in a breakfast quesadilla or for a quick dinner!


  • Serves 2 adults as a breakfast side dish
  • 3 large eggs, scrambled
  • 1 tsp. of bacon grease or cooking oil
  • 1/4-1/3 cup of sharp cheddar cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste


Crack the eggs in a bowl and whip for a count of 60-80. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium to medium low heat. (Note, you may need to adjust the temperature to low heat if the eggs start to cook too quickly and seem to be forming dry edges). Once the oil is heated pour the thoroughly whipped eggs into the warm skillet and using a nonstick spoon or spatula (I use a spoonula – a mix of both), move the eggs around in the pan. Continue stirring the eggs as they cook by slowly and occasionally scraping the entire pan with the nonstick spatula.

As the eggs start to firm up, towards the end of the cooking process, sprinkle the entire surface of the eggs with sharp cheddar cheese and then fold the eggs over and over to incorporate the cheese. Turn off the heat and serve them topped with salt and pepper (as salty or peppery as desired).

Note: If you prefer softer scrambled eggs cook them for less time, if you prefer firmer scrambled eggs cook them for longer. I didn’t specify a time because everyone’s preference is different, but absolutely do cook them at a low temperature!!

Additional Photos:

Cheesy Scrambled Eggs
Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

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